There are very few SEO courses I have promoted since starting my career as a professional SEO.  I've pretty much seen it all.  Typically, most are rehashed versions of a simpler technique you can typically get free on the web. In reviewing the latest course by Greg Jeffries however, what I see is a very well put together COMPLETE SEO course that the beginner or advanced SEO can follow.  If you're currently doing local client seo or typically work on high volume difficult to rank competitive niches, or are simply tired of working your affiliate offers to the bone without earning a penny, this might just be the SEO course for you.

First off, it takes a different approach to SEO.  It teaches you a viable way to earn a real income from applying SEO techniques to affiliate offers to build up a very real income over time.  While career happy students were spending 6 years in college going from a BS to an MBA, Greg Jeffries was secretly building a 6 figure a year, customer free, affiliate marketing empire that continues to grow year after year.   In his course SEO AFFILIATE DOMINATION, Greg has put together what appears to be one of the most complete SEO based courses I've seen in a while.  Most SEO Course will go over some special phase of an SEO process.  In this particular course, Greg takes you from the very beginning of what SEO is, goes through all the basics, like keyword research, keyword tools he uses such as Money Robot, on page seo, article structures, off page seo, backlinking, backlinking tools, traffic capture techniques, scaling an already dominating website, testing, different types of SEO, article spinning, you name it its in here.

If you're a seasoned SEO who's struggling to earn profits simply because you can't rank in today's competitive markets or a beginning SEO looking to build a six figure a year income like Greg has done systematically, then this course can take you to your first six figure a year, leave your job behind income to building multiple six figure a year earnings.

The list of what Greg offers in his course is complete.  I personally endorse it and I know Greg Jeffries is an honest Joe.  While others are offering scammy marketing gimmicks, Greg offers a solid, systematic plan that anyone can follow from beginner to expert to six figure plus a year earnings.  If you're looking to switch your career or hoping to find a course thats going to make a difference in how fat your bank account can grow without seeking out a single customer in the world of digital marketing, then this is one of the best, most complete SEO affiliate courses I've come across.

My ratings for Greg Jeffries's SEO course is an A+.  No fillers, all practical, useable value.