“Belief” For Manifesting Money

Many people attempt to manifest money by concentrating on the Law of Attraction. This is often a futile attempt. In order to manifest anything, you must first visualize what it is that you are attempting to manifest and then develop a consistent belief that what you wish to manifest already exists within you.

If you would like to manifest money, start by visualizing how you would like to have your desired material possessions or money paid for through your financial “bank account”. When you are visualizing, always make sure to imagine the money as being completely free and not tied up in any monetary transaction such as taxes, interest, exchange rates, or wage garnishments. Doing this will help to manifest the truth that money is truly free.

If you desire to manifest more money, then you may feel it is necessary to put some of your time and effort into building wealth. When doing so, you need to be mindful of the fact that you cannot simply “try harder” and the Wealth Shift will happen automatically, just as if you had simply practiced your Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the source of your beliefs. All your beliefs can be manifested through you visualization. However, while the “big picture” is the manifestation of your Beliefs, your daily actions will manifest what you believe. When your daily actions manifest your Beliefs, they will be a direct result of your visualization of what you desire to manifest.

Your belief will affect your actions because it is “written” into your “big picture” which is the innermost workings of your “subconscious mind”. If you were to visualize a belief in the form of “Money is the root of all evil” and you had the knowledge and a powerful desire to change the “Big Picture” as to the “Subconscious Mind”, then you could change your belief by replacing the “Evil Money” with the “Good Money” Belief. There are many different beliefs that can be changed and your belief is a manifestation of your desires.

The first step to manifesting anything is to establish a belief. How does one establish a belief? It is through creating a pattern of thoughts and actions. The second step is to consistently repeat the thought and action until it becomes the new “Pattern”.

Consider how you would want God to manifest. What is your belief about your God? Once you have determined this, then you can begin to determine what needs to be manifest and what you want your God to manifest for you.

For example, your God may want you to have abundance, success, prosperity, etc. Is this your desire or what you want God to manifest for you? You must decide this before you begin your “pattern of thoughts and actions”.

Now, for each of these “Law of Attraction” statements you must visualize that you actually have it. That is to say, you must not “believe” in a dream but you must “see” it. This can be accomplished through a number of ways. One way to do this is to simply open your eyes and visualize your dream and once you see it, you know it is your dream.

Another way to accomplish this is to take a photograph and place it on a sheet of paper (or a computer monitor) and look at it and realize that it is your dream, you are creating your reality, you are dreaming of this thing. When you realize this, you have reached a state of realization where your dream is real. You just cannot hold onto it.

There are also a number of other ways that you may want to visualize and, in doing so, you need to choose what aspect of your life will manifest. When you have created this “state of visualization”, you may begin to realize that this is your dream and that it is becoming a reality because it is now within your “thought” and it is “written” in your mind.

When you are beginning to visualize, when you are creating a belief, you are the Creator of your reality and it is now up to you to change it. and when you change it, you change your reality.

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