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The last few months, we here at Money Robot (Team MR)  have been brainstorming on creating the world’s best back linking tool and we continuously strive to improve our product. The rest of the article will tell you why The Money Robot Submitter is one of the strongest and cleanest link building tools on the market today. I hope after reading this article, you agree with us.

During my early stages of testing, I saw the huge potential this backlinking software could offer.   I’ve sat down with Nick, Ion (John) and RCC (Claudiu) to brainstorm in finding ways to improve the product. I officially joined the team a few months ago and am proud to be part of a group of fantastic SEOs. Prior to joining the MR Team, I was looking for a way to create powerful link building strategies to power up my own sites, get them ranked and cash in on.

At the time, I utilized tools such as Senuke, GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER) and to an extent Magic Submitter (was never a big fan of – Sorry Alex!). My primary platforms were Senuke and GSA where I say I took mastery of.  Now, don’t get me wrong Nuke and GSA are two very powerful platforms even till this day. I also know some of the most powerful SEO’s use them, however, I wanted something that was less black hat, more white hat and at the same time still allowed me the flexibility of ranking power as well as providing clean, strong links that provided enough link juice to compete with the best of the best. Protection Status

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SIMPLICITY AND POWER   If I had to describe MR, I would call it simple, yet powerful.  In the video above, I demonstrate the simple interface that is MR.  However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  Along with that, comes a few hidden goodies that I don’t show in the video.  For instance, you can press CTRL-S in the New Campaign Screen and modify your submissions further.  In Advanced Mode, MR will allow you to utilize your own Email Accounts (if you have your own mail server) or a catch all account.

It will also allow you to repost to existing Web2.0’s that you’ve created from an earlier campaign using MR.  Another thing MR allows you to do in advanced mode is modify the URL of your Web2.0 account along with customizing the blog name as well.

You simply can’t find these features in other Backlink Tools. BUILT IN ARTICLE SCRAPER PRODUCES UNIQUE CURATED CONTENT One of the hassles I ran into when using GSA Search Engine Ranker or Senuke was that I always had to utilize a third party source to scrape content.  Whether it was KM3 or Article Builder, it was always a third party integration, yet another step to complicate my backlinking venture.

However, the Money Robot solves that by including its own SMART Article Scraper.  In fact, the more keywords you feed it, the more unique content MR’s built in article scraper pulls. Apart from this, you also have full control of the article itself.  You can chose to load your own articles that you feed MR and you can also add additional links in the campaigns by drilling down to the individual tasks themselves.


If you are a fan of Senuke’s Schematic Link Builder, you’re going to love Money Robot’s Diagram creator.  Not only is it more powerful than Senuke’s, you now have the ability to link in clusters of web properties but it doesn’t stop there.

The linking is so flexible, that can you perform standard hiearchical linking as well as Domain Authority Stacking as introduced by Jimmy Kelley in Network Empire’s Domain Authority Stacking course.


Its not enough Money Robot packs a simply yet powerful interface that can get you launching your campaign within minutes after installing the tool, but The Money Robot comes built in with some super powerful Web2.0s only seen previous in web based submissions sites like FCS (Full Control SEO) or Rankwyz.

Unlike the online submission sites however, the Money Robot has them built on its super simple interface.  Also, sites like FCS and RANKWYZ do not offer schematic tools that can provide you a visual aid of how exactly you want to structure your linked campaigns.

Here are a list of built in Web2.0’s to date that come with the software:

Money Robot


In my testing the last several months,  I’ve come up with custom campaigns that I use that can personally rank most keywords within 3 months give or take a month or two.  This is something I can no longer achieve with the competitors tools, at least not without any special modifications to my campaigns.  One of my local clients is enjoying 18 #1 positions in a competitive niche.  To say they’ve seen a definite increase in phone calls speaks wonders for MR’s power house built in web properties.


Tired of waiting in line to win a PBN at auction?  Why not build your own PBN’s with clean links sent from MR?  All you have to do is buy some new domains, theme them according to the Niche you’re going after and simply start juicing them up with Money Robot.  Then send links from these PBNs to your money site.  Over time, you’ll have your own powerfully themed PBNs linked to your money sites that can only get stronger with time.

Already have PBNs and want to speed things up?  Use your existing PBNs by creating sub domains, send MR link juice and use your subs as feeder sites to your money site.  Another layer of protection in case of any nasty surprise algo updates big daddy throws your way down the road.

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